IPAA 2016 National Conference

IPAA 2016 was a dynamic mix of brilliant speakers and bold practitioners. This website captures full videos of all the action from the main hall, featuring George Megalogenis, Laura Tingle, Marcia Langton, Premier Jay Weatherill, Rabia Siddique, Dr Susan Carland, Indy Johar, and many others.

  • Penny Armytage, National President, IPAA
    Erma Ranieri, President IPAA SA

    Each year, the IPAA National Conference is held in collaboration between IPAA National and one of its state divisions. In October 2016, the conference was held in Adelaide with the theme of Innovation through Collaboration.

    Increasingly we are moving away from traditional notions of bureaucracy, toward a new style of public management, built on the traditions of accountability, non-partisanship, and shared professionalism. This is a tremendous opportunity for our profession to engage with Governments and the community in new and exciting ways.

    The IPAA 2016 National Conference gives us pause for thought on why we need to do this, and how we can get it done.

    While you are visiting this site, we ask that you think about what role IPAA – your professional association – can play to support this development, whether it is as advocate, or a platform for professional development and thought leadership.

    As members, you can steer the future of your association. We encourage you to contact the IPAA division in your jurisdiction for more information on how you can get involved in this enduring institute.

    Finally, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to all our IPAA colleagues across Australia who contributed to the success of this conference, particularly the team at IPAA SA who brought the conference to life. We look forward to seeing you again in 2017.

  • Dan Butler
    Curator, IPAA 2016 National Conference

    Welcome to the website of the IPAA 2016 National Conference, held in Adelaide on 20 & 21 October.

    The conference was a chance to bring together some of the nation’s most interesting and engaging thinkers in politics, economics, social justice, and, of course, the public sector.

    I’d like to thank all the speakers who made themselves available to enlighten us over two days. I’d particularly like the thank the case study presenters from day one who opened up about their own work, with its successes and challenges.

    I’d like to acknowledge the fantastic contributions made by our conference sponsors, all of whom you’ll find listed below.

    Additional to our sponsors, a number of organisations contributed people and time, including the CSIRO (Data61), Microsoft, Business Models Inc., Cox Architects, DesingInc., Hayball Architects, Uniting Communities, the Carbon Market Institute, Adelaide City Council, and government departments and universities from across Australia.

    Through this site, you’ll get a chance to see all the debate from the main plenary sessions.

    Share them with your friends and colleagues; these are ideas that deserve to get around.