Innovation Lab Exchange Network: Apolitical

We are super excited to be collaborating with Apolitical, a free resource for public servants from around the world, and encourage you to check it out here. Apolitical is a global network for public servants from 124 countries. You can connect with innovators, get help on problems and read news-style articles about what’s working in your field. Apolitical also has a team of analysts who will give you free help in finding people or information who could be useful to you.

Apolitical spoke with labs around the world and found many wanted to know more about what other labs were working on. Thus Apolitical launched the Innovation Lab Exchange, an informal community of 58+ labs from 30+ countries which met for the first time in December 2017. Every month they meet for an innovation ‘Show and Tell’. The next ‘Show and Tell’ will feature Chad Hartnell, Privy Council Innovation Hub, Canada taking place 7th February at 8 pm GMT. Chad will speak about the ‘Impact Canada Initiative’, an ambitious effort to promote transformative approaches to policy-making across the whole of Canada’s public service. Please be in touch with Jake, for more details.

Be on the look out for an IPAA SA and Apolitical collaboration coming in 2018.


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