IPAA SA’s Core Values

Our values drive our organisation’s purpose and strategic direction. They are embodied in everything we do and are the essence of our identity. At the heart of what we do, we are a passionate community that empowers our members to proudly and effectively serve our state.

IPAA’s 6 core values include:

Leading Together
We lead by example helping shape the public sector we need.

Big Picture Thinking
We have a strategic approach across strategic systems and networks.

Exceptional Contributors
We are a principled community of effective and passionate people.

Looking Forward
We provide new ideas and positive perspectives.

Positive Relationships
Respect, generosity and fun are at the heart of everything we do.

Legacy of Distinction
We are building on a tradition of rigour and reliability.

Thank you to our friends at Free Range Future for working with us to discover our core values. IPAA’s 2017-2020 Strategic Plan is currently in motion. Please click to download here if you’re interested in what we are working on behind the scenes.


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