#MeetAMember Aushim Merchant

Aushim Merchant is Senior Policy Officer from TAFE SA and chose to become a Young Professional Member (YIPAA) of IPAA SA.

He said, “I chose to join IPAA to meet like-minded people who share a passion for public policy, learn from experienced mentors and for my professional development that will enable me to become a more effective public servant. With a long standing career in the private sector, I found the work environment and culture in the government to be very different from what I was used to, particularly in writing style, choice of words used and the presentation of information. I am confident that IPAA will equip me with the right tools for my successful transition into public service. IPAA plays a critical role in bridging the gap and ensuring that young public servants like myself, have access to the right resources to meet the expectations set by senior distinguished public servants in their fields of expertise within the Government”.

Thanks for being such a great member, we look forward to helping you excel in your public sector profession. #MeetAMember campaign connects IPAA members with each other and their stories.


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