Next Generation Leaders

On the 1st of September the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) held their first Youth Excellence Awards Ceremony founded and developed by Sarah Melin, Design Project Manager, and attended by over 100 DPTI employees.

A special mention to Hannah Watchman, Project Services Officer, as she was awarded the 2017 Emerging Leader of the Year by her fellow employees in DPTI. This award recognised the valuable leadership skills developed through activities undertaken that were above and beyond their current position. Hannah’s progressive outlook, initiative to take on further study, build networks and exceed the expectations of her role made her the worthy recipient. Her involvement in the Department’s Youth Connect Committee, particularly in the technical sub-group highlights her poised leadership skills, and successful initiatives. In addition, her efforts in proposing a number of across government initiatives, including a whole-of-government Youth Connect Committee is highly regarded. Hannah’s positive attitude and devout work ethic highlights her as a current and future leader within DPTI.

Well done to all the candidates and a special congratulation to other DPTI awardees:

  • Martin Elsworthy for the Customer Service Award.
  • Travis Kreslin for the Innovation Award.
  • Nicklas Abel for the Excellence Award.
  • Shahzad Khan for the Safety Award.
  • Monira Osman for the Culture Award.

The program proved to inspire and connect the next generation of leaders, we look forward to supporting its return.


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