The Creation of Trust – The Story of Australia’s Public Trustees

State Trustees Chief Executive Officer, Craig Dent has published his first book, The Creation of Trust, in August 2017.

The book tells the intriguing story of Australia’s Public Trustees, revealing their rich heritage and casting a rarely-seen light on their often misunderstood purpose, services and contribution to society. The book talks openly about the sector’s creation, its evolution, its challenges and the benefit that Public Trustees provide to the community.

Despite the confronting language used and the need to be culturally sensitive, Dent has sought to create an important piece of literature that contributes to the broader knowledge of trustee services generally and highlight the story of Australia and New Zealand’s Public Trustees.

There are dedicated chapters for each State and a chapter on the Territories, which are all quite different in their origin and make-up. The chapter about the history of South Australia’s Public Trustee’s origin is quite interesting given its history. The South Australian Public Trustee Office was the first in Australia and has had its share of interesting stories, such as the first Public Trustee absconding with £6,000 and fleeing to New Zealand in 1885.

All profits from the sale of this book go to the State Trustees Australia Foundation, a charitable trust, which was established in 1994, that aims to make a difference to the community by supporting those in need.

The Creation of Trust is available for purchase on the State Trustees website.


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